Dye Lab Technician

Help Chemists as they experiment with dyes.

What does a Dye Lab Technician do?

Throughout the ages, humans have learned myriad skills, one of which is protecting the body against the elements. The intrinsic need for warmth and padding inspired early man to use pelts, leaves, bark, and wool to create clothing. Eventually, that art evolved and began to include dyes from berries or roots.

Today, the tradition continues, with Dye Chemists working to create a range of new dyes for fabrics and paints. The Dye Lab Technician assists these professionals in researching and experimenting in the lab.

Creating a new color is no easy task. It requires trial and error, research and development. As a Dye Lab Technician, you’re front and center in every attempt, from chartreuse to pumpkin. The process requires small adjustments and careful record keeping so that the exact color can be reproduced.

In addition to perfecting the color palette, being a Dye Lab Technician is also about improving the quality of existing dyes and creating new dyes for the marketplace. In the past, there were only a few options for colors and types of dyes. But with the advances in chemistry, you have a better understanding than ever of what will keep dyes from running in the wash, streaking, or blotching. In addition, you aim to create dyes that adhere to different types of materials, such as plastic or wood.

If this sounds like the job for you, what are you waiting for? You can make the world a more colorful place!