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Duplicator Punch Operator

Set up and operate duplicator punch machines.

What does a Duplicator Punch Operator do?

Sets up and operates duplicator punch which follows tracer track on template and punches, blanks, and notches metal plates, sheets, and structural shapes: Positions and clamps track template onto template table of machine. Inserts, aligns, and locks specified punches and dies in ram and bed of machine, using hammer, shims, feelers, micrometers, and setscrews. Places workpiece on carriage of machine manually or by using jib or crane. Aligns workpiece to scale on machine and clamps it to carriage. Sets end and side stops to position successive pieces. Positions tracer arm onto track templates and turns handwheels to move carriage along track to punching stations. Pulls lever to activate punch. Positions punch or die over layout marks on jobs for which no template has been made. Inspects work to verify location of holes, using scale, compass, and plug gauges.