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Dump materials into and from vehicles, according to specific instructions.

What does a Dumper do?

Dumps materials, such as coal, chemicals, flue dust, grain, ore, sugar, and salt, into and from railway cars, trucks, or other vehicles, according to specific instructions: Positions and blocks vehicles by signaling LOCOMOTIVE ENGINEER 910.363-014 or TRUCK DRIVER, HEAVY 905.663-014, or by using winch and car jack or powered tractor to spot cars and set brakes. Positions spout, chute, and conveyor over or into car, truck, bin, or storage pile, and opens slide in spout or chute to start flow of material into or from vehicles. Positions vehicle over storage bin and opens air valve, side door, or car hopper door; starts conveyors, pneumatic conveyors, or elevators; and adjusts dampers to feed materials to specified bin. May use power scoop to pull grain from car into receiving chute. May collect grain sample, using probe. May drive truck onto ramp, secure it with blocks, and attach hook from electric hoist to front end of trailer or truck and push button to activate hoist or move lever of hydraulic lift to elevate front end of truck as tailgate is opened to dump material. May vibrate hopper to facilitate flow into slurry pit, using airhammer. May open solvent tank valve and start pump to wash and transfer residue of materials to saturator and other tanks. May observe pressure gauges and adjust valves to maintain specified pumping pressure. May record car identifying information, such as weight and volume of material loaded and number of cars dumped or filled. May be designated according to kind of vehicle unloaded as Car Dumper; according to kind of material unloaded as Grain Unloader; or according to type of equipment used as Spout Positioner; Wincher.

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