Dump Truck Driver

Drive dump truck to haul tons of materials and waste.

What does a Dump Truck Driver do?

As a Dump Truck Driver, you transport and deliver materials between multiple locations. Dump Truck Drivers follow a strict schedule of pickups and deliveries, and haul anything from dirt, rocks, and gravel, to sand and coal. During winter months, you may be able to find extra work hauling away snow from the sides of roads.

Dump Truck Drivers are responsible for their truck, maintaining its cleanliness and keeping it in working order at all times. You should also be aware of whatever you’re hauling, which means knowing the maximum weight and volume of materials your truck can carry, keeping your delivery safe, minimizing loss during transportation, and delivering your load on time. Your travel time between sites is minimal, and most of your routes will be between local suppliers and construction sites.

To do this job well, you should enjoy working on construction and renovation sites, and you should be a fairly skilled Driver and Operator of Heavy Machinery. You should also be very alert, be good with math and spatial problems, be very coordinated, and possess good eyesight.

If as a little kid, you had lots of fun in the sandbox playing with your dump trucks, and if growing up, your love of construction equipment never waned, then you might find this job really enjoyable. You must remember, though, that it’s no longer child’s play. It requires a high level of seriousness and responsibility, as you’re handling heavy machinery, and dumping literally multiple tons of materials in a single day.