Drywall Mechanic

Demolish old interior walls, then measure and hang new drywall.

What does a Drywall Mechanic do?

Most buildings have interior walls made of drywall. This thin material must be cut to the proper size and attached to the wall studs with screws. This is the job of a Drywall Mechanic.

When you’re a Drywall Mechanic, you bring your own tools to work each day. If you’re working on a project that already has drywall, you remove it using a sledgehammer and brute force (you may enjoy this destructive work if you’ve lost at poker yet again the previous night). You then use your drill to remove the screws from the studs and prepare the walls for new drywall panels.

In both new and existing buildings, Drywall Mechanics measure the wall that they’ll cover with drywall. You cut your drywall panels to the proper size, and pin each panel between your body and the wall. If the panel is heavy or large, you may ask your assistant to hold it in place for you. You then screw it to the studs beneath.

If the wall has no studs that you can attach the drywall to, you cut pieces of wood to span the width of the wall. You then anchor them to the wall, and attach the drywall to those pieces of wood.

You also cut out holes in the drywall for electrical sockets, windows, and light fixtures. You try to cut as precisely as possible, but leave the final finishing touches to the Drywall Finisher, who will come behind you and cover up any gaps and seams.