Drywall Hanger

Place and fasten sheets of drywall directly to erected walls.

What does a Drywall Hanger do?

As a Drywall Hanger on a construction project, you apply drywall to building frames. Your labor is visually translated into a completed wall, a completed room, then a completed level of rooms, and eventually into an entire building, allowing you to see immediate results from a hard day’s work.

Your daily tasks as a Drywall Hanger include following along behind the Builders and starting the process of creating solid walls. You go over the frame and insulation, and place drywall on top, fastening it into place. You start the whole process by taking measurements of the room, and then cutting the drywall to size. Next, you measure and cut out portions of the wall for electrical sockets and various fixtures.

Once you have your drywall sections, you apply cement to the backs of the tiles and place them in the correct sections of the room, carefully minding layout marks and joints. Depending on the job, you may also be asked to perform the tasks of the Drywall Finisher. And if the project you’re working on is a renovation, you may need to tear down old drywall, as well as clean the surfaces of the framing. In this case, you’ll also complete the drywall by sealing seams and preparing the surface for painting.

So if you love to work as part of a team with a common goal, and if you enjoy working with your hands, construction work as a Drywall Hanger could be a great occupation choice.