Drying Machine Tender

Tend machines that dry cloth without tension to give cloth a soft hand.

What does a Drying Machine Tender do?

Tends machine that dries cloth without tension to give cloth a soft hand, or cures finish applied to cloth: Positions trucks of cloth at feed end of machine. Laps end of cloth over feed roller or ties end of cloth to leader in machine. Turns knob to set temperature control gauge according to instructions. Moves lever to start machine and regulate speed of cloth through drying cabinet. Manually straightens cloth entering machine to remove wrinkles. Cleans machine, using vacuum hose. May doff cloth from swing-folding attachment at delivery end of machine. May mark lot numbers on cloth ends with crayon. May be designated according to type of drying machine as Loop-Drier Operator; Suction-Drum-Drier Operator.