Dry Press Operator Helper

Assist Dry-Press Operator in pressing silica into brick or other shapes.

What does a Dry Press Operator Helper do?

Assists DRY-PRESS OPERATOR in pressing dry tempered clay or silica into brick or other shapes: Removes pallets loaded with brick and replaces empty pallets in position to receive brick from press. Places loaded pallets in rack of car. Removes defective pallets for repair. Removes bricks from molds, and places bricks on kiln car in specified pattern. Throws sand on bricks to level tiers. Moves rack or kiln cars into position near press and moves loaded cars away from press. Fills hoppers with sand and other material. Cleans press, dies, tables, and press pits, using handtools, shovels, and brooms. Performs other duties as described under HELPER Master Title. May be designated according to materials pressed as Clay-Dry-Press Helper; Silica-Dry-Press Helper.