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Dry Pan Operator

Tends dry-pans, screens and conveyors delivering dry clay to storage tanks.

What does a Dry Pan Operator do?

Tends series of dry-pans, screens, and conveyors that grind, sift, and convey dry clay to storage tanks: Signals OVERHEAD CRANE OPERATOR 921.663-010 to load clay into hoppers of dry-pans. Turns valves to feed water into pans. Starts equipment that grinds and sifts clay. Starts and regulates speed of conveyors and elevators to transport clay to storage tanks. Removes rocks or other obstructions from dry-pans and screens, using pry bars and wire brushes. Breaks up lumps of clay, using sledgehammer. Observes panel lights for indications of equipment failures. Adjusts, tightens, or replaces wire screens, using handtools.