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Dry Kiln Operator

Control drying tunnels to condition products before treatment in kiln.

What does a Dry Kiln Operator do?

Controls drying tunnels to condition and dry brick, sewer pipe, roofing tile, and other clay products before treatment in kiln: Reads production schedule to determine humidity and temperature required for size and type of product to be dried. Positions portable blowers in drying aisles to circulate heat and air. Closes tunnel doors and starts blowers and heaters to regulate humidity and temperature within tunnel. Examines products for cracks indicating excessive drying. Reads humidity and temperature gauges, and adjusts speed and dampers on blowers. Directs DRY-KILN OPERATOR HELPER to cover product with tarpaulin or to flood aisles with water to retard drying process. Records gauge reading in logbook. May patch damaged products, using patching clay and handtools. May control tunnel kiln [TUNNEL-KILN OPERATOR].