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Dry Cleaner



Operate dry cleaning machines to clean garments and other materials.

What does a Dry Cleaner do?

Operates dry cleaning machine to clean garments, drapes, and other materials, utilizing knowledge of cleaning processes, fabrics, and colors: Sorts articles, places lot of sorted articles in drum of dry cleaning machine. Fastens cover and starts drum rotating. Turns or pushes valves, levers, and switches to admit cleaning solvent into drum. Adds liquid soap or chemicals to facilitate cleaning process. Tends extractor that removes excess cleaning solvent from articles [EXTRACTOR OPERATOR 581.685-038]. Tends tumbler that dries articles and removes odor of solvent from articles [TUMBLER OPERATOR 369.685-034]. Opens valves of dry cleaning machine to drain dirty solvent into filter tank. Adds chemicals to solvent to facilitate filtration, and starts electric pumps, forcing solvent through filters to screen lint, dirt, and other impurities. Pulls sludge box from bottom of tank to remove sludge. Starts electric pumps and turns valves to operate distilling system that reclaims dirty solvent. May operate dry cleaning machine that automatically extracts excess cleaning solvent from articles. May clean by hand articles that cannot be cleaned by machine because of amount of soil on article or delicacy of fabric [DRY CLEANER, HAND 362.684-010]. May add chemicals to dry cleaning machine to render garments water repellant. May spot articles [SPOTTER II 362.381-010].

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