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Dry Charge Process Attendant

Tend equipment that wash, treat, and dry formed dry-charge battery plates.

What does a Dry Charge Process Attendant do?

Tends equipment that washes, treats, and dries formed dry-charge battery plates: Turns valve to drain water into bath compartment. Mixes solutions, according to specifications, in measuring tank and drains solutions into other compartments. Ignites oven burner and starts blower. Observes thermometer and gauges and adjusts temperature control and valves to maintain specified temperature and pressure in dryer. Starts and regulates speed of conveyor that conveys batteries through bath, solutions, and dryer. Determines oxygen content of gas in oven, using testing device and adjusts airflow to reduce oxidation of plates. Transfers batteries from forming department to machine, using handtruck. Strips connectors from batteries and loads batteries into racks in water bath. Loads containers from pallet to handtruck at discharge end of machine. Unloads batteries from dryer and tests each battery for moisture content, using resistance meter. Segregates damp batteries and inserts dry batteries in containers according to specified polarity. Transfers batteries to final assembly area, using handtruck. May tend conveyor-equipped drying compartment that dries battery plates and be designated Plate-Drying-Machine Tender.