Drum Tester

Inspect empty steel drums to detect leaks.

What does a Drum Tester do?

Inspects empty steel drums to detect leaks, using airhose and immersion tank: Fills immersion tank to designated level, using hose. Pulls drum from conveyor and screws bung into bunghole of drum, using wrench. Presses airhose nozzle onto valve of bung to release air into drum and monitors airhose gauge to raise pressure in drum to specified level. Lifts pressurized drum into tank and depresses pedal to actuate sprocket wheel of tank assembly that forces drum under water. Observes water to detect bubbles that indicate drum leak. Returns drum to surface, marks leak with waterproof crayon, and sets drum aside for repair. Replaces bung and gasket of drums not requiring repair and pushes drums onto conveyor.