Drum Programmer

Make digital drum machines and recording programs sound just right.

What does a Drum Programmer do?

A Drum Programmer puts the crash, boom, and bang into music using a computer. Combining the worlds of music and computer technology, the Drum Programmer position is a dream job for many computer-savvy Musicians. If you’re one of them, put your analytical mind to work with your musical ear, and make music for the masses – or even just a few.

As a Drum Programmer, you’re proficient in computer skills that reach beyond most basic uses. Understanding the way different kinds of software work together to achieve a final goal is essential. For example, working with a vocal track from a Singer, you determine the right type of percussion instrument that compliments the voice. You may mix the sounds of several musical instruments, like the snare drum or cymbals, with the irregular beat of a bass drum for a well-rounded sound.

Being a Drum Programmer is not just about the gadgets and gizmos, though; you must have a finely tuned ear as well. A background in music composition, performing arts, or music production provides the basis on which your experience is built. Even though you know how to tweak the bass levels in the first chorus using the computer, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will sound good.

Working with a multitude of music industry officials such as Record Producers, bands, solo artists, Music Promoters, and others, you lend your expertise to turn a song into a hit. Patience and dedication are required, as you’ll often rework music pieces several times before they’re ready for airplay.