Drum Attendant

Tend machines equipped with revolving drum containing solutions.

What does a Drum Attendant do?

Tends machine equipped with revolving drum containing solutions that clean, dye, tan, or oil hides or rag stock: Places hides in drum or loads rags onto drum conveyor and locks drum door. Turns valves to fill drum with specified solution and water or steam. Moves controls to rotate drum for specified period. Stops drum, unlocks door, removes rags or hides, and loads hides or rags on cart or rack. May be designated according to process as Blacking-Wheel Tender; Degreasing-Wheel Operator; Oiling-Machine Operator; Tanning-Wheel Filler; Washing-Machine Operator. May tend machine, without adding solutions, to soften hides by tumbling and be designated Dry-Mill Worker.