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Drophammer Operator

Set up and operate closed-die drop hammers to forge metal parts.

What does a Drophammer Operator do?

Sets up and operates closed-die drophammer to forge metal parts according to specifications, using measuring instruments and handtools: Informs HEATER 619.682-022 of forging specifications, such as specified quantity and temperature setting. Aligns and bolts specified dies to machine ram and anvil, using scale, rule, square, feeler gauges, shims, and handtools. Positions workpiece onto lower die and depresses pedal to activate ram that repeatedly strikes and forces metal workpiece into die impression. Moves workpiece through series of dies to attain specified detail. May plan work procedures, select tooling, and operate drophammer to form experimental or developmental parts. May turn knobs to regulate conveyor speed and feed that automatically carries heated stock from furnace, places stock on anvil, and removes finished workpiece. May forge unheated metal. May set stops or turn handles to set specified striking force of ram. May trim flash from finished forging. May operate hammer to compress finished forgings to specified tolerances and be designated Restrike Hammer Operator. May be designated according to type of hammer operated as Board Drop Hammer Operator; Impact Hammer Operator; Steam Hammer Operator.