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Driving Instructor

Help drivers learn and improve their driving skills.

What does a Driving Instructor do?

As a driving instructor, you teach people how to drive a vehicle safely. You begin your lessons in a classroom, teaching the students the workings of a car and traffic rules, as well as safety and emergency procedures. You also teach students how to perform basic vehicle checks. Driving instructors also teach the practical aspect of driving, teaching students how to handle a steering wheel, reverse a vehicle, and how to park. The instructor gives feedback to the students on how to improve their performance and helps them schedule them for the upcoming driving test.

To be a driving instructor, you need at least a high school diploma. You must have a valid driver’s license, a clean driving record, and you must undergo a background check. Driver instructors should also have strong communication skills to give clear instructions and motivate students who lack confidence. Being patient is an important trait of a good driving instructor. Good observation and problem-solving skills are also essential for this job.