Drive a vehicle to deliver items or help people commute from one place to another.

What does a Driver do?

A driver drives a vehicle with the intention of transporting people or goods. You could be a taxi driver, a bus driver or a personal driver, or you could a drive delivery truck, transporting goods. Drivers should have the navigational ability to commute safely to unknown places combined with the ability to read maps and knowledge of the safest, shortest, and fastest route.

Excellent customer service skills go a long way in building a driving career. Patience with rude passengers is an advantage. The basic mathematical ability to calculate the right amount of fare and return the correct change to customers is essential.

You must be over 18 years of age, with a driver’s license and certificates that allow you to drive large or small vehicles. It is necessary that you’re aware of safety, health risks, and traffic rules. Dealing with the long silent hours, day and night, on the road can be a challenge. A love of driving, visiting new places and meeting new people, as well as basic motor maintenance skills, are essentials.