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Drilling Manager



Manage a drilling crew to ensure safety for people and the environment

What does a Drilling Manager do?

As a Drilling Manager, you spend the majority of your day helping your team punch holes in the ground. The rest of the time, you figure out how to punch those holes safely, without causing harm to the environment or your crew. Many Drilling Manager jobs are available in the oil industry, but some positions are available in smaller companies that drill wells or trenches for heating and cooling systems.

Drilling is dangerous business. Pockets of air, pockets of gas, or unexpected rock can cause explosions or other major problems. As the Drilling Manager, you’re responsible for making sure that these problems don’t happen.

You work with Engineers to guarantee that the plans are sound, and you drill as they’ve instructed, pointing out potential pitfalls and working on solutions. Your team will come to you with many, many questions, and you have the experience to answer each and every one.

As you may have guessed, this isn’t a desk job. You spend a lot of time in the field, watching the project as it progresses. If you work for an oil or natural gas company, your work may take you to exotic countries, where you’ll live for months until the project is complete.

This is also a dirty job. Water and oil may spew up out of the holes you’ve been digging and give you a thorough coating. But if you’re a hands-on person who loves a challenge, this is the perfect job for you.

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