Drilling and Production Superintendent

Direct activities concerned with drilling and producing oil and gas.

What does a Drilling and Production Superintendent do?

Directs activities concerned with exploratory drilling, and drilling oil wells and producing oil and gas from wells within one or more oil fields: Plans erection of drilling rigs, and installation and maintenance of equipment, such as pumping units and compressor stations. Directs technical processes, such as treatment of oil and gas to reduce moisture and sediment content, mud analysis, well logging, and formation testing. Determines procedures to resolve drilling problems, such as nonvertical bore holes and broken drilling tools. Formulates methods to control production of wells in accordance with proration regulations. Schedules dismantling and storing derricks and drilling equipment, cleaning wells, and servicing well equipment. Analyzes production reports, initiates personnel actions, and revises drilling and production procedures to control operating costs and production efficiency of oil field. Directs petroleum exploration parties engaged in drilling for samples of subsurface stratigraphy and in seismic prospecting. May be designated according to specialty as Superintendent, Oil-Field Drilling; Superintendent, Production.