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Driller Helper



Assist the head Driller by collecting samples and operating the drill.

What does a Driller Helper do?

When creating a big hole for a construction project, or looking for natural resources buried deep beneath the ground, you need more than a shovel. A drill is the perfect solution, and as a Driller Helper, you’re part of the team in charge of getting the job done.

Driller Helpers spend their days on the job site, assisting the Drillers and other working Technicians. This is an entry-level job, and you spend your days doing pretty much anything you’re told to. That might mean collecting samples, cleaning drill parts, and when necessary, operating the drill itself. When the drill breaks or needs routine maintenance, Driller Helpers help out, installing new parts and making adjustments as directed by their Supervisors.

This job is big on prep work and cleaning. Before a project starts, you’re the one to load the necessary tools and materials that will be used that day on the site. Then at the end of the day, you make sure all those tools and materials come back in good condition. Throughout the day, you see to it that things stay as neat as possible.

Often, another responsibility of your job is to prepare the daily drilling report. This lets your Supervisors know things like how many feet were drilled that day, how long it took, and how many supplies were used.

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