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Drill Punch Operator

Tend multiple-spindle drill presses that drill holes in paper goods.

What does a Drill Punch Operator do?

Tends multiple-spindle drill press that drills holes in paper goods, such as notebook paper, booklets, envelopes, pamphlets, index cards, and other paper and printed products: Reads job specifications to determine spacing and dimension of holes to be drilled in paper items. Adjusts spacing of drills, positions of backstop and guides according to size of items to be drilled, using handtools. Presses button to start machine. Jogs stack of paper items to straighten and align edges. Positions stacks of paper items against backstop and end guides of machine table. Depresses pedal to raise stock or lower drills to cut holes in paper. Stacks drilled items on pallets. May replace dull drills, using handtools.