Drill Press Operator

Bore holes in wood or metal at exactly the right place, size and depth.

What does a Drill Press Operator do?

Being a Drill Press Operator allows you to use industrial tools to create holes in a variety of materials, commonly metal or wood. Drill Press Operators may have experience using the Makita or Bosch in their garage. In contrast, this equipment replicates precise holes across a range of applications.

There’s no end to the possible products Drill Press Operators can help create. From trampoline supports to automotive parts to shelving units, you pre-drill the holes that later receive bolts, rods, or other components when the product is constructed. In addition to drilling the hole, you replace the drill bit with a tap and create threads inside the hole. You might also use a sanding bit to smooth it out.

You typically bore holes in a series of products, making sure that each is exactly the same as the last. That means you set the equipment so that it drills each hole to specification. You make adjustments to ensure the proper depth, and replace drill bits to create different-sized holes. Sometimes, you’re working with massive sheets of metal or oddly shaped components, so you use special tables, clamps, and tools to make sure that the hole is drilled at the proper angle.

Precision is key. To verify accuracy, you take measurements with calipers and micrometers. Thanks to your attention to detail, furniture, trailer hitches, lawn chairs, bicycles, and countless other products are uniform, safe, and ready for assembly.