Drill Bit Sharpener

Set up and operate drill-sharpening machines to sharpen drill bits.

What does a Drill Bit Sharpener do?

Sets up and operates drill-sharpening machine to sharpen drill bits used in numerically controlled drill for fabricating printed circuit boards: Reads work order to determine number and size of drill bits to be sharpened. Inserts drill bits into cleaning machine, point-side down, that automatically starts brushes rotating to clean and remove debris from dull bits. Removes drill bit from cleaning machine and measures bit to verify specified size, using micrometer. Selects corresponding size bushing and mounts bushing into chuck of sharpener, using handtools. Inserts drill bit in chuck of sharpener and activates table that moves chuck and bit assembly through rotating abrading wheels to sharpen both sides of drill bit. Flips switch to release chuck and drill bit and removes bit. Observes sharpened bits under optical microscope to detect defects, such as chips or breaks. Discards defective drill bits. Places sharpened drill bits in box, point-end up. May clean sharpener.