Drier Operator

Control vacuum-drying equipment to convert egg or milk liquids into powder.

What does a Drier Operator do?

Controls vacuum-drying equipment to convert egg or milk liquids into powder of specified moisture content: Couples spray unit between pipeline and drier, using wrench. Places charts in temperature and vacuum recorders. Starts gas-fired drier, vacuum pump, and circulating fan, and adjusts dampers. Turns controls and observes gauges to obtain specified temperature and vacuum pressure in dryer. Starts pump and turns valves to spray liquid into heated vacuum chamber where milk droplets are dried into powder. Tests dried powder conveyed out of drier, using meter. Observes interior of chamber walls for burned scale which indicates excessive temperature. Adjusts temperature of dryer and amount of liquid sprayed into dryer to obtain specified moisture content and eliminate scale which appears as sediment in powder. Places container on scale under outlet of drying equipment to fill container with specified amount of powder. May be designated according to product dried as Buttermilk-Drier Operator; Yolk Spray Drier.