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Drier Operator VI

Tend equipment that dry glutinous material.

What does a Drier Operator VI do?

Tends equipment that dries glutinous material, such as gelatin and glue, by either of following methods: Starts pumps to admit glutinous material through coolers to congeal it and through extruders to form noodles. Starts conveyor that moves noodles through series of drying compartments and turns on heaters and fans in compartments. Feels noodles for moisture content and regulates speed of equipment to ensure prescribed degree of dryness. Reads hydrometer to detect excessive moisture in drying compartments and turns on dehumidifier when necessary. Transfers containers of pearl glue or moves frames or trays of sheets of glue or gelatin into drying compartment, using handtruck. Starts heaters and fans in heating compartment. Feels glutinous material for moisture content and regulates temperature in drying compartment when necessary. May tend equipment that spreads glutinous material into sheets for drying [SPREADING-MACHINE OPERATOR 559.685-170].