Drier Operator IV

Tend spray driers that evaporate water from slurries.

What does a Drier Operator IV do?

Tends spray driers that evaporate water from slurries, forming caked or powdered product: Pumps slurry to atomizer nozzle in drier and regulates spray of slurry as instructed. Observes temperature recorders and adjusts valves, controls, and dampers to heat or cool and direct air through drier to evaporate water or solidify slurry. Observes discharge conveyor for malfunctions or jamming to maintain uninterrupted flow of dried materials to storage. Rakes out accumulated cake or powder remaining in drier, and clears clogged lines, using length of wire. May place empty drums under discharge end of spray tower to be filled with specified amount of powdered emulsifier. May tend auxiliary equipment, such as cyclone filters and scrubbing tower to refine product or recover usable materials.