Drier Operator III

Tend rotary driers that remove moisture from solid chemical materials.

What does a Drier Operator III do?

Tends batch or continuous rotary driers that remove moisture from solid chemical materials: Dumps or shovels materials into batch drier chamber, or starts feed conveyors of continuous drier. Starts drying chamber rotating. Admits steam or hot air to drying chamber until specified heat is attained, as indicated by temperature chart recorders and gauges. Opens vacuum valves to withdraw accumulated vapors where materials require drying at subatmospheric pressure. Stops rotation of drying chamber to dump dried materials, or starts discharge conveyor to empty contents of chamber and transfer dried product to storage, packaging, or further processing. May tend auxiliary equipment, such as condensers and vacuum pumps. Records operating data in equipment log, such as temperatures, pressures, drying time, and hourly production. May feel discharged materials for specified dryness. May submit samples to control laboratory for moisture analysis. May regulate drier temperature, and speed of conveyors and rotary chamber, according to knowledge of process and material being dried.