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Drier Operator II

Operate atmospheric tunnel driers that heat liquids or slurries.

What does a Drier Operator II do?

Operates atmospheric tunnel driers that heat liquids or slurries to remove water or other volatile liquids: Moves controls to regulate preheaters, fans, and conveyor belts or other material feeding mechanisms to maintain continuous operation. Turns steam valves and sets automatic temperature controls to attain specified drying temperature. Observes temperature charts and conveyors to correct equipment malfunctions and jamming of feed or discharge conveyors. Examines and feels materials for moisture content or obtains sample for laboratory moisture analysis, and readjusts equipment controls to attain specified product. Stops drier units in sequence as material feed is exhausted. Records data, such as type and quantity of material dried and drying time. May tend continuous pan driers that automatically transfer materials through drier in pans on conveyor chains, and dumps dried contents after drying. May tend or feed auxiliary equipment, such as grinding mills and baling machines that process dried product. May be designated according to type of drier as Continuous-Conveyor-Screen Drier.