Drier Attendant

Tend rotary driers that remove moisture from materials.

What does a Drier Attendant do?

Tends rotary driers that remove moisture from materials, such as corn germs, alfalfa, and shredded sweet potatoes: Turns valves to admit steam through lines or fuel to furnace to heat drier. Observes gauges to verify drier temperature. Turns valves to regulate steam pressure or starts blower of furnace to regulate temperature of drier. Examines and feels discharged material or observes gauges to determine that moisture content of material conforms to standard. Turns handwheel or valve to control rate of speed and amount of material conveyed into drier. Starts blower to remove material from drier. May direct workers engaged in shredding potatoes and sacking dried material. May be designated according to material dried as Germ Drier; or method of heating drier as Fire Drier. May tend attrition and hammer mills [MILL OPERATOR] in addition to rotary drier to prepare stock feed from bran and gluten and be designated Feed-Drier Tender.