Dress VIPs by choosing fabulous combinations of clothes and accessories.

What does a Dresser do?

Clients are to Dressers as Barbie and Ken dolls are to children. It’s the Dresser’s job to choose, prepare, and lay out clothing for clients. Catering to people with large wallets and wardrobes for every occasion, this is a position right up a fashion fanatic’s alley.

Though similar to a Personal Stylist, a Dresser often holds slightly different responsibilities. Personal Stylists do all the shopping and prep work that goes into picking a new outfit. Dressers may choose accessories, or pair skirts and tops together, but the closets are already stocked — all you have to do is start browsing.

Once you know what business suit or evening gown your client needs for an upcoming occasion, you see to it that it’s washed and pressed before the big night. You’re always around to lend a hand with stubborn zippers or ties.

Individual clients aren’t your only options. Some Dressers work on the fashion runways. If your career were a TV show, it would be “Dresser, Extreme!” Within minutes, you need to have Models switched from one outfit to another without any mussed hair or smeared makeup.

In this business, you’re passing clothes from one dresser (furniture, in this case) to another — you! Your keen eye knows which silk scarf to pair with a neutral-colored blazer, and your nimble fingers can iron creases that would make the military green with envy. Your clients can say goodbye to complaints that they have nothing to wear.