Drawing Kiln Operator

Operate drawing kilns to process molten glass into sheets of flat glass.

What does a Drawing Kiln Operator do?

Operates drawing kiln to process molten glass into continuous sheet of flat glass: Sets rheostat to control speed of rolls on kiln that draw glass sheet of specified thickness, and adjusts setting to maintain thickness, based on gauge or recorder readings during processing. Regulates gas-firing to edges of glass sheet to prevent slippage of sheet from knurl guide wheels. Inspects glass sheet through kiln peephole for defects, such as stones and blisters, as sheet is drawn vertically by rolls. Signals BALCONY WORKER to open rolls and allow passage of defective area to prevent break in sheet. Receives gauge readings and positions asbestos pads on sides of cooling jacket in kiln with iron rod to correct irregular thickness in glass sheet. Closes lower roll of drawing kiln to prevent broken sheets of glass from collapsing into kiln. Lights auxiliary gas jets in kiln to heat glass sheet below break and stop run of break. Replaces jacket cooling pads and plugs in kiln with mortar, using trowel.