Drawing in Machine Tender

Set up and operate machines to draw warp threads from warp beam.

What does a Drawing in Machine Tender do?

Sets up and operates machine to draw warp threads automatically from warp beam through harness assembly to prepare warp for weaving: Bolts setup stand containing beam and harness assembly to frame of drawing-in machine. Attaches pattern strip to keps that are threaded through heddles to set up machine to draw-in specified pattern. Starts machine and observes operation of automatic threading device to ensure drawing-in according to pattern. Examines drawn warp for mistakes. Corrects misdraws and draws-in selvages, using reed hook. Loops warp ends together to prevent ends slipping from harness assembly. Unbolts setup stand and pushes stand from frame of machine. Feeds metal strips into pattern cutting machine, and depresses button to cut holes at designated places. May prepare setup stand for use on machine.