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Drawing Checker

Examine drafting blueprints to make sure they are free from mistakes.

What does a Drawing Checker do?

Planning is key to the success of any new or revamped product. Before a product hits the manufacturing stage, Engineers, Scientists, management teams, Designers, and Drafters all work together to create a design that is safe, efficient, and accurate. As a Drawing Checker, you also play a role in the process. That role is to review the drawings in their final stages to make sure they’re accurate and easy to understand.

This requires an understanding of the manufacturing process. What types of machines will be used? How much of the process is automated? Will new equipment be used, or will existing equipment need reprogramming? Bearing in mind the answers to these questions, Drawing Checkers carefully scrutinize every mark on the page.

Most Drawing Checkers specialize in one industry. For example, you might work with schematics for products made out of sheet metal. Or you might work with designs for utility systems or toy robots. Whatever the product, your job is to look for any errors the Engineers or Drafters may have missed.

You ask questions and make clarifications. You draw attention to sketches or information that is unclear or confusing. And, you ensure the accuracy of the diagram.

After all, you wouldn’t want to put your stamp of approval on a schematic that causes one airplane wing to be angled differently than the other. Once you’ve carefully examined every tiny detail, the design is sent to the production department where the idea is transformed into a product.