Draw-Bench Operator

Operate drawbenches to draw metal rods into specified shape and diameter.

What does a Draw-Bench Operator do?

Operates drawbench to draw metal rods into specified shape and diameter: Positions and secures specified die in diehead, using handtools. Moves levers to set drawing speed according to type and size of material drawn. Inserts pointed end of rod through die and into holding jaws on dolly. Moves control to pull rod through die. Examines surface of finished workpiece for defects, such as pits and scratches. Measures rod to verify conformance to specifications, using template and rule. Replaces worn dies when rod varies from specifications, using handtools. May coat workpiece with lubricant, or engage automatic lubricating mechanism to facilitate drawing. May actuate shearing mechanism to cut rods to specified length. May be specified by employer according to experience with particular type or trade name of machine, or by type of material drawn.