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Perform fittings and adjustments to fabrics to create custom clothing.

What does a Draper do?

As a Draper, you help create new articles of clothing. Using specifications laid out by a Designer, as well as your own knowledge, skill, and experience in making clothing, you help bring designs to life. The term “Draper” was originally coined because of the fact that they “draped” cloth over a form made to match the future wearer’s body. With this form to guide them, they could make sure that the final product would match the designs exactly.

Your duties as a modern-day Draper are still quite similar. You collaborate closely with Designers and with the garment’s future owner. In the worlds of theater, film, and high fashion, you can expect to work with Actors, Actresses, and Models.

Numerous fittings to make sure the garment looks good, feels comfortable, and wears correctly are the norm. Everyone wants to do their job right the first time, but for a Draper, this may not always be possible. You may have to make numerous adjustments over and over again, and you’ll need to deal with the wants, needs, and attitudes of your coworkers, employer, and clients.

Good communication with all of these people is vital. You need to express yourself eloquently when dealing with the Designer to make sure their demands are met. The same thing is true for the wearer of the garment — there’s a thin line between “stylishly form-fitting” and “unable to breathe.” If you really love clothes and want to be an integral part of designing, producing, and perfecting unique garments, then this could be the career path you want.

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