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Drama Teacher



Educate students about plays, acting, and theater.

What does a Drama Teacher do?

As a drama teacher, you educate your pupils about different acting techniques, methods, and styles.

You prepare lesson plans and use creative and engaging methods such as games and role-playing to make the class interesting. Stage techniques such as voice control and projection, diction, and personality projection are discussed and demonstrated. You teach the history of drama, as well as organize the learning space. When students submit their written work, (for example, a play they wrote), you correct it and provide feedback and encouragement. Drama teachers direct plays, audition students to determine the cast, and manage rehearsals. Backstage work, such as constructing the sets, arranging the props, and operating light and sound equipment are also your responsibilities. You attend parent-teacher conferences and help students facing problems.

The required educational qualifications vary with the setting in which you teach, but a bachelor’s degree in performing arts or a field related to the theater and some experience in theater are generally needed. Good communication, the ability to teach, as well as energy and determination are required skills for this job.

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