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Drama Professor

Teach university students about drama and acting.

What does a Drama Professor do?

As a Drama Professor, you escort your students along a guided tour of theater and acting. Through a combination of lectures, reading groups, written assignments, and even performances, you give your students the foundation they need to understand the many facets of “drama,” helping them build the careers they want. The world of theater is extremely diverse, so a Drama Professor’s life can take on many competing elements at once. Learning to balance these forces will allow you to succeed.

For starters, every course needs a curriculum, syllabus, and grading guidelines. These are the backbone of your course. Once you get into the classroom, however, all bets are off. Drama studies can take amazing, unexpected directions, and often won’t lend themselves to dry book learning and regurgitation.

Observing plays or performances is often a part of many drama courses. You may require students to perform and interpret works as well. Depending on your personal specialization, your courses could barely resemble standard college classes.

In addition to your normal teaching load, you may also ply your theater skills at the school or in the community. Directing pieces, hosting a reading or performance series, publishing articles, or giving scholarly talks on drama subjects are all things you could be called upon to do in your capacity as a Drama Professor. While it’s not a standard nine-to-five job by any means, it’s also anything but boring.