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Give emotional support to women during childbirth.

What does a Doula do?

Sisters, best friends, mothers-they all provide a close-knit support group for a woman during childbirth. Every mom-to-be deserves the support and guidance of another experienced mother, and a Doula fills this role for women who lack that personal support group. As a Doula, you provide emotional support during the birth process and possibly during the baby’s first years.

Doulas are divided into two categories: the Birth Doula and the Postpartum Doula. Unlike a Midwife, the Birth Doula does not help in the physical delivery of the baby. Instead, you offer comfort during the delivery process, and talk with the mother beforehand so she’ll know what to expect.

A Postpartum Doula helps the new mother learn how to care for her newborn. Little sleep combined with the overwhelming emotions surrounding the birth of a child can put any mom on edge. So you lend a helping hand, and reduce the stress of caring for the child.

Just as a Birth Doula does not act as a Midwife, the Postpartum Doula typically does not act as a Nanny. You don’t babysit for the mother. Rather, you teach her how to care for and bond with her child.

You may serve one or both Doula roles for an expectant mother. Regardless of which job you take, you are a friend and companion ensuring that the mother’s experience is one of joy and not anxiety.

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