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Doughnut Maker

Mix, form, and fry dough to produce doughnuts according to work order.

What does a Doughnut Maker do?

Mixes, forms, and fries dough to produce doughnuts, according to work order: Dumps prepared doughnut mix into mixing-machine bowl, adds water and dehydrated eggs, and starts mixer. Turns switch on heating unit of frying tank and sets thermostat at specified temperature. Dumps dough from mixing bowl into hopper of doughnut cutter. Sets lever to control amount of dough that doughnut cutter will portion to frying tank. Moves cutter machine back and forth over frying tank and depresses trigger to eject individual doughnuts into hot cooking oil. Turns doughnuts over in tank, using stick. Lifts wire tray of fried doughnuts from tank and places it in glazing tank. Slides trough containing glazing syrup over doughnuts. May glaze doughnuts, using hand dipper. May roll dough with rolling pin and form doughnuts with hand cutter. May lower wire tray of uncooked doughnuts into fryer, using hooks. May tend automatic equipment that mixes, cuts, and fries doughnuts. May weigh cut dough and fried doughnuts to verify weight specifications, and adjust controls of equipment accordingly when weights vary from standards.