Doughnut Machine Operator

Operate machines that shape and fry doughnuts.

What does a Doughnut Machine Operator do?

Operates machine that shapes and fries doughnuts: Slides block of ejectors into machine and tightens them, using wingnuts. Turns switch to heat frying tank to desired temperature. Mixes prepared ingredients with specified amount of water in mixing machine to form batter. Dumps batter into doughnut machine hopper, using chain hoist. Turns and adjusts valves to control air pressure for ejecting batter into frying tank and to regulate size of doughnuts, temperature and feed of grease, and speed of conveyor. Starts machine and observes color and verifies weight of doughnuts to ensure conformity to standards. Dismantles doughnut ejectors for cleaning. May melt and temper chocolate [CHOCOLATE TEMPERER].