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Double End Trimmer and Boring Machine Operator

Set up and operate multiple-spindle boring and trimming machines.

What does a Double End Trimmer and Boring Machine Operator do?

Sets up and operates multiple-spindle boring and trimming machine to bore vertical or horizontal holes and trim or miter ends of stock used in furniture manufacturing: Reads work specifications to determine location, angles, depth, diameter, and number of holes to bore in stock and cuts to be made by saws. Installs specified bits in spindle chucks, using wrench. Adjusts chucks for location specified, using handtools and pattern stock. Attaches holders, jigs, or stops, and adjusts pneumatic clamps with handtools. Removes pattern and starts boring heads and saws. Positions stock under clamps and against stops on machine bed, and depresses pedal or turns automatic cycle lever to activate machine to clamp, bore, trim, and release stock. Periodically verifies accuracy of setup by comparing trimmed and bored stock with pattern stock, using caliper, square, or tape measure. May operate machine that trims or miters only one end of wooden stock and be designated Single-End-Trimming-And-Boring-Machine Operator.