Dope Dry-House Operator

Tend machines that dry, grind and screen materials used in making dynamite.

What does a Dope Dry-House Operator do?

Tends machines that dry, grind, and screen materials, such as sodium nitrate, apricot pits, sulfur, and clay for use in making dynamite: Shovels or dumps materials into drier hopper and adjusts temperature of steam-heated drier to specified reading. Starts conveyors and elevators that convey materials through drier and grinder. Starts grinder and sifting screens that grind and screen materials and deposit them in bins. May drive scoop tractor to fill drier hopper. May test moisture content of ingredients, using carbide-filled jar and gauge that registers gas produced. May weigh out dried ingredients according to formula, to prepare batches for mixing with nitroglycerin. May be designated according to ingredient treated as Soda-Dry-House Operator.