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Guard and protect people in various environments.

What does a Doorman do?

A doorman is a security guard posted at the door or gate of the place he is employed, such as an office or a residence, where you are expected to look after the safety of the people and property.

A doorman’s duty depends on the venue of employment. In a residential area or a hotel, you greet people, help them carry bags, receive packages addressed to residents and workers, and check the identity of people entering or leaving the building. In entertainment or shopping malls, you control the flow of the crowd and ensure the safety of the shoppers.

In addition to gate security, the doorman is expected to be on his feet, while managing traffic, and communicating with the general public. You can depend on the surveillance camera to assist you in ensuring the safety of the venue and the people in your area.

Responsibility, accountability, patience, and a positive and amicable attitude are essential skills. The ability to act quickly during emergencies, basic knowledge of the neighborhood, and physical fitness to stand for long hours are also required. Although no degree is typically required for this job, taking a self-defense course is an advantage.

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