Door Machine Operator

Operate machines to remove doors from discharge end of coke ovens.

What does a Door Machine Operator do?

Operates machine equipped with door jack and coke guide to remove doors from discharge end of coke ovens and guide discharged coke from oven to quenching car: Drives machine along rails to designated oven. Moves levers to hook machine arm onto door and remove it from oven, and to position frame which guides discharged coke from oven into quenching cars. Signals PUSHER OPERATOR to discharge coke from oven. Cleans fire clay and tars from door and jamb, using chisel bar. Gathers dry clay and residue with shovel and wheelbarrow, and dumps it into hopper. Replaces door. May manually hook coke-guide hangers to oven and drop apron to oven sill. May steam clean door machine.