Door Assembler

Fabricate parts and assemble precut wood and metal doors.

What does a Door Assembler do?

Fabricates parts and assembles precut wood and metal doors for use in mobile homes, trailers, or prefabricated buildings: Positions specified wood frame members in jig and nails or staples members together to form doorframe. Packs insulation between frame members. Marks and cuts sheet metal to conform to dimensions of doorframe, using ruler and powered shear. Bends sheet metal to fit over doorframe, using handbrake. Attaches metal panels to doorframe, using handtools or rivet gun. Marks locations of window and lock on door, using templates, and cuts openings in door, using electric router or power shears. Installs lock assembly and prefabricated window assembly in door, using handtools. Marks positions of hinges on door, using template, and screws hinges to doors, using screwdriver. May attach metal and rubber weather stripping for exterior doors.