Door Assembler I

Assemble prepared machined parts into doors, according to patterns.

What does a Door Assembler I do?

Assembles prepared machined parts into doors, according to prescribed patterns, using glue, maul, and jig: Spaces glue-discharge pipes to correspond with dowel holes in stiles, using wrench and sample stile. Places stile on edge of glue tank and depresses pedal to fill dowel holes with glue. Drops glued stile horizontally with dowel holes up into jig on floor. Grasps rails and panels, in sequence, from stacks behind glue tank and aligns protruding dowels from each piece into glued holes of stile on floor. Taps pieces with maul to start dowels into holes. Glues and places second stile over protruding dowel pins of rails and panels and drives assembly partially together with maul. Tips door on bottom edge and stacks door vertically against rack for removal to CLAMPER.