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Donor Specialist

Ensure that donors are well taken care of at a blood bank.

What does a Donor Specialist do?

If a blood bank were a vampire dinner party where people are screened, drained, entertained, and then fed, a Donor Specialist would be the Host, making sure the party is well organized and the guests are having a great time.

As a Donor Specialist, you likely work for a large blood bank that’s open most days of the week. When you arrive at work, you first make sure your area is clean and sanitized. If you see any spills or mess, you clean it up. Donor Specialists also check that the donor rest area is full of treats and juice.

When a donor arrives, you ask a series of questions to ensure that they’re eligible to donate blood. You may take a sample of blood from their fingers, as well as their temperature and blood pressure. You then take them to the Phlebotomist to have their blood drawn. When they’re done giving blood, you escort them to the treat area, and make sure they have a small snack and a drink of juice.

In some blood banks, you take the person’s blood yourself. You insert the needle in their arm and drain their blood into a collection bag. You mark the bag properly when the collection is done, and put it in a cool place for processing.

You may see the same donors repeatedly, and this may result in tight friendships. You may call them to remind them of their appointments, luring them in with descriptions of the fabulous treats you just ordered.