Domestic Violence Counselor

Provide therapeutic support for victims of domestic violence.

What does a Domestic Violence Counselor do?

Like a Therapist or Social Worker, a Domestic Violence Counselor helps others overcome negative situations. Domestic Violence Counselors typically focus on those who have suffered abuse from another family member. When you’re a Domestic Violence Counselor, your main goal is developing a plan of action to help those still in abusive situations find a safe way to leave.

Your first priority during a counseling session is determining the type of abuse and if the person still has contact with the abuser. If so, you help them make a plan to leave. Often, victims of abuse either have nowhere to go or may be suffering from mental or emotional problems, such as depression, that make it hard to leave. Discovering why the person is hesitant to leave the situation is the first step in breaking free.

You help victims find places to stay, such as domestic violence shelters, while they get back on their feet. They continue to see you for counseling to help deal with the emotional stress of the situation and to help build confidence in their ability to turn the situation into something positive.

By offering support, you lower a victim’s chances of returning to the abusive situation. While patients may face setbacks from time to time, you encourage them to keep moving forward. Soon, they’ll build a thriving life free from violence.