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Doll Repairer

Fix antique dolls and expensive mannequins with an artistic touch.

What does a Doll Repairer do?

With the steady hands of a Surgeon and the knowledge of a Historian, a Doll Repairer restores dolls to their original condition. The Doll Repairer knows how to sew the doll back together, wash its dress, and repaint its face. Once the Doll Repairer finishes his work, the doll will look like look new, whether it’s five years old or fifty.

With a new doll comes plenty of research time. As a Doll Repairer, you search for images of the original doll to see how it looked and what materials it’s made from. You need to know the style of clothing it wore and what colors to use on its face and hair.

Some dolls just need a good polishing and they’re done. Others must be reassembled. Eyes and hair may be missing altogether. You order the right parts and reapply them to the doll.

When it’s time to repair the clothing, you sew up holes and hand-wash fabrics to turn a faded yellow into a bright white. It may take multiple washes to restore the fabric, but with the right tools, it can be done.

Often, Doll Repairers work in museums or antique stores, or start their own business. To gain more business, many accept dolls from around the world, and customers can ship them directly to the store. Your crafty hands then recreate those valuable antiques and timeless treasures.